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>> Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Modern Plastics WorldwideFree magazines, eBooks, publications, newsletter review from the polymer processing industry. Modern Plastics Worldwide is the only plastics publication dedicated to covering global business management issues, key technologies, and the latest manufacturing management trends for the international plastics industry.
Topics range across all processes, including injection, extrusion, blowmolding, thermoforming, blown film, cast film, and compounding. Modern Plastics Worldwide also covers the latest technology developments in materials, design, equipment, processing, and applications from a business strategy perspective, marketing information on new markets, industry trends, economic influences, forecasts and more.
Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico, Selected International (Print or Digital version)

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Canon Plastics Group - the Voice of an Industry

Canon Communications LLC is a strategic partner to the plastics industry. Both of our publications, Injection Molding Magazine and Modern Plastics Worldwide, address the plastics industry from a unique viewpoint. Each one offers in-depth coverage of its subject matter that a generalist publication just can’t accomplish. Each viewpoint helps readers stay on top of the fast-paced plastics industry. Together, Canon’s two plastics magazines add up to comprehensive coverage that gives industry professionals a 360° look at running a successful business. This is carried over online with our plastics industry community site,

Corporate Information
Founded in 1978, Canon Communications has grown from a one-magazine publishing firm to a diversified multimedia communications company. While the company continues to grow and steadily expand its scope of markets, Canon remains committed to providing the most relevant, vital information to professionals in all areas of the complex industries it serves.
Canon now publishes more than a dozen magazines, all of which serve as authoritative sources of information in their respective industries. In addition to plastics, the packaging, medical manufacturing, and design industries are among the well-served business communities that rely on Canon's wide variety of publications for the latest in industry news, innovations, and market trends. Offering unique insight into each industry sector its magazines target, Canon publications are renowned for their unparalleled commitment to quality.

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