E - Polymer Processing Glossary of Terms

>> Sunday, 15 February 2009

Ejection - That part of the molding cycle in which the finished part is removed from the mold mechanically.
Ejection system - System used to eject the molded part from the mold after it cures.
Ejector plate - A plate which backs up the ejector pins and holds the ejector assembly together.
Elastic deformation - The part of the deformation of as part under load which is recoverable when the load is removed.
Elasticity - The property of a substance which enables it to return to its original shape and size after removal of a deforming force.
Elongation - Lengthwise stretching of a material usually denoted as a % of original length.
Environmental stress cracking (ESC) - The susceptibility of a plastic to crack or craze under the influence of certain chemicals, stresses, or other agents.
Ethylene plastics - Plastics based on polymers or co-polymers of ethylene.
EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) - Co-polymers from these two monomers retain many of the properties of ethylene, but have considerably increased flexibility, elongation, and impact resistance.
EVOH - Ethylene-vinyl alcohol co-polymers. Used for barrier to gases.

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