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>> Monday, 29 December 2008

We would like to present the new series called Polish polymer processing companies. Firstly Zakłady Maszyn Chemicznych „METALCHEM” leading polymer extrusion machinery producer. Some information from the official web page below.

Almost since the beginning of its independent existence Zakłady Maszyn Chemicznych „METALCHEM” have produced machines for the chemical industry, gradually increasing the share of plastics processing machines. At present extruders, extrusion lines as well as spare parts for these machines, including chiefly the plasticizing units account for 100% of production.

Major events in the history of METALCHEM:

Zakłady Maszyn Chemicznych „METALCHEM” Sp. z o.o (Chemical Machinery Plant „METALCHEM” Ltd) is a single-plant company located in the industrial district on the outskirts of Gliwice. The company is a direct legal successor of the state enterprise having the same name.
The Minister of Chemical Industry issues an order on establishing a state company “Gliwickie Zakłady Budowy Urządzeń Chemicznych” („The Factory of Chemical Machinery Construction in Gliwice”)
The District Court in Katowice enters the company into State Companies Register (item 62)
Pursuant to the Order issued by the Minister of Chemical Industry the company’s name is changed into Zakłady Maszyn Chemicznych „METALCHEM” (Chemical Machinery Plant „METALCHEM”)
In his decision No. DR-IV/BS/15/92 the Minister of Industry and Trade delegates the function and rights of the Founding Institution to the Silesian Province Governor
ZMCh „METALCHEM” Sp. z o.o. starts its activities on the basis of a decision issued by the Minster of Treasury– Commercialization Act dated 19th May 2006. The company is registered in the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000260220.; all the shares in the company are currently owned by the Treasury.





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