Mold balancing part 1/2

>> Sunday, 14 September 2008

Does your mold balanced? There will be the part of just preparing problem for mold balancing. Fundaments with mechanism in part 2/2 which formally is the first part.

How to check mold balance?
The eases way is to weigh parts from mold. I suggest go to the shop floor take the full shot and weigh on the most precise available weight. Date you can compile in the form presents below. The best you can do is to take more than one shot and count the average from the same cavity. You have two ways, try both, count deviation from maximum weight (first way) and from average weight (second way) for all cavities. Formulas are in the table, where indexes; m – maximum weight from all cavities, n – weight for the variable cavity, a – average weight for all cavities.

Few conclusions from the above example. Cavities 7 and 10 are extreme first is the most second the least filled. Deviation from average gives the tendency +/- from average. Cavities 9 and 10 are the worst balanced. I would assume 5% as boundary between cavities and allow mold to be acceptance during commissioning.
The same you can do for not full filled mold, assume, 50% filled, there will be more visual rating.
When you analyze your case include the cavity, hot runner and cooling system location.

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