“Innovation in polymer processing”

>> Wednesday, 14 May 2008

It will be an information from Poland about past event the conference “Innovation in polymer processing” - science and industry partnership. For more information use http://www.polimer2008.pl/ sorry only polish. The reason I am writing about it is the Prof. James L. White person. One of the important person in the world’s polymer processing made a speech “Polymer Processing: Past, Present, Future” The subject says everything, we were experienced with the past of our industry and the evolution in process modeling (single / twin screw extrusion, and injection molding). It was not the only lecture this day. I would just mention that there were from both science and industry sites. Congratulation for students an interesting idea and perfect realization.

Photographer Kinga Kurowska, comes from http://www.tworzywa.pl/

Dr. James L. White
The University of Akron

Professor of Polymer Engineering,
Founding Director of the Institute of Polymer Engineering,
Harold A. Morton Professor of Polymer Engineering

I would only recommend from Prof. James L. White an author of rheological equation known as White-Metzner fundamental publications from polymer processing as:

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